History of Elefántos


In the XIX. In the 18th century, Jókai Square was home to the White Elephant Restaurant, and in the 1870s, the spice shop for the elephant was also located here. The Elephant Restaurant also follows the tradition of the square, which is deservedly famous for its excellent cuisine, and which has been waiting for its old and new guests for a real Italian feast for more than a decade. Food specialties made from original Italian ingredients, original Italian flavors, fresh seafood and mussels await visitors.

The Elephant Restaurant and Pizzeria is located in the “most Mediterranean” square of Pécs, in Jókai Square, just a few steps from Széchenyi Square. One of the most popular and cozy terraces of the warm spring nights and hot summer evenings, which no visitor to Pécs can miss!

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All’ Elefante
Time Out Pécs, 2012 április

We have to start with a confession. Despite the many, many spaces renovated and rebuilt in 2010, we like Jókai Square, which was handed over in 2001 the best of all. If we are talking about Mediterranean atmospheres on the road and halfway, then Jókai Square, just because of its much-scolded pavement and through the flowing stream, absolutely deserves the Mediterranean marker. And of course because of the garden rooms, which fortunately there is no shortage of in the small square. We, of many, swear by the terrace of the All ’Elefante, but we would still swear by the terrace of the Barrus, but to our greatest regret it is closed. Yet the almost matching tables of the two restaurants on the east side of the space performed such stimulation in every normally functioning brain that it was difficult to find a free table. Now that only the Elephant’s terrace is working, it’s even harder to complete the mission. But if you manage to sit down, you can come to the best pizza in town, come to the tapped Heineken and come to the most beautiful girls in town, who from early spring to late summer somehow always show up around Jókai Square. Heck, you don’t understand that …

Hajrá Elefántos!
Gusto Magazin XI. évfolyam 8. szám

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