Since its reopening (April 2021), our restaurant has switched to Neapolitan pizza, which is not a pizza type, but the pizza itself! What is known worldwide as pizza is the “thinking on” of this pizza! Parts of the world outside of Naples (including Italy) didn’t even know pizza until the end of World War II! So this is not an Italian dish, but a 300-year-old Neapolitan tradition!
I think we make better quality pizzas with this, but we adapt to the local demand and we bake in the same way e.g. Hawaiian or Hungarian pizza!
The essence of Neapolitan pizza lies in the details, which requires a lot of attention! We work with special flour (Caputo Blu) which is suitable for a minimum of 24 hours of fermentation, but mozzarella (fior di latte) and canned peeled tomatoes from San Marzano are also very important! Kneading dough (based on an exact, original recipe) is very important, kneading, kneading, stretching the pizza and finally baking, which is a maximum of 60-90 seconds! This requires a minimum of 2 pizza chefs, one providing a bake! The main thing about Neapolitan pizza is knowing that the edge of the pizza is wider, taller and has brown or black tiny polka dots which indicates longer fermentation! It is also very important that the dough not only rises but also ripens, and this happens as much as possible at the same time! Finally, we think that Neapolitan pizza is not only tastier but also much easier to digest.
To bake a more perfect Neapolitan pizza, we will go down personally to one of Naples ’best pizzerias, La Notizia, next January, we’re really looking forward to it!
If you have any comments, criticisms, or questions, please let us know!

Sincerely, Zsolt Zachar – owner